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Help keep 'Maskne' at bay with 3 key DMK Home Prescriptives!

With the updated Government Guidelines increasing the requirement for face coverings to be worn across the UK, you may become more prone to ‘Maskne’ or mask-induced acne ‘Maskne’ is caused by the increase & trapping of sweat, sebum & bacteria in combination with the occlusive environment & lack of oxygen, which doesn’t allow the skin to function normally. Fabric masks should be washed after every use & disposable masks should only be used for a few hours at a time, then thrown away.

  • Actrol Powder is an antibacterial & antiseptic powder designed to reduce excess sebaceous oil without dehydrating the skin. Top Tip Use a dry brush to dust your face with the powder before popping your mask on to create an antibacterial seal!
  • Acu Mist kills 98% of bacteria whilst hydrating the skin & protecting against trans epidermal water loss. Top Tip Spray Acu Mist throughout the day to retain your antibacterial barrier & hydrate!
  • Acu Masque soothes, reduces redness & inflammation while unblocking pores. It reduces stubborn blackheads & blemishes by absorbing oils & dissolving dead skin cells! Top Tip use weekly or as & when required as a mini at-home treatment! Follow with Beta Gel for healing & to boost the skin’s immunity!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the DMK Home Prescriptives or Treatments, email us at info@karenhunteraesthetics and we will come back to you!

Stay safe & keep well

Karen Hunter Aesthetics