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DMK Treatment

I cannot thank Karen enough for her services over the past fifteen years! Besides her lovely personality, Karen has provided me with vast amounts of information for my skin care as well as introducing to me the amazing Danné

Montague-King skin care range. I have had extensive in-house treatments with Karen using enzyme therapy. I couldn’t be happier with the homecare products and friendly delivery of the treatments and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending her services. I love going to see Karen!

I have dealt with severe psoriasis for almost 12 years, and been to numerous dermatologists who have prescribed me with countless numbers of steroid creams and medications, which I wanted to limit to not everyday use. After a consultation with Karen followed by an enzyme treatment and skin care routine plan, the scales on my head and face had gone! Following the treatment, they didn’t return for at least 6 months (and very small patches saying this) and Karen continues to guide me with my skin care regime and treatments, which keeps my skin soft, smooth and glowing along with keeping my psoriasis scales at bay! And this is not an easy task!

I cannot thank her enough and she is a breath of fresh air after visiting all of the doctors and dermatologists in my lifetime. Thank you so much!!

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