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DMK Treatment

My skin had been problematic for many years due to acne. I had tried all of the “over the counter ” products, well known skin care products and prescriptive items from my GP to no avail. I came across Karen by accident as I had been bought a voucher for a treatment at her new salon as a present  – turns out the best present I could have had!

I called in to book an appointment and Karen was friendly, approachable and professional and it was obvious as she spoke to me that she knew about skin care. Karen correctly advised that a ‘facial’ would be a waste of time and money as she could see I had acne and was able to offer me treatment that WOULD work. I was obviously very sceptical but listened to Karen and felt she was honest and trust worthy. Karen prescribed a range of products suitable for me, instructed me how to use them and recommended 10 consecutive treatments, however, after only 5 my skin was the clearest it had been in many years.

It boosted my confidence and I am so grateful for her open approach and honesty at that first meeting. That was approximately 17 years ago – I continue to use these products and have never looked back.