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Obagi Medical for Men

With the rise of social media and zoom calls men are increasingly becoming more conscious and knowledgeable with male aesthetics and skin care. So, is there a difference with male and female skin care? Anatomically there are differences, with male ageing a more gradual process than in females. Androgens (steroid hormones) play a vital part in the development and continuation of male characteristics and often presents as a larger forehead with projecting ridges above the eyebrows and a square jawline with a prominent mandible.

Men will often seek medical aesthetic treatments that make them look good for their age without changing the structure of the face, retaining their masculine features. Male skin concerns are often centred around deep wrinkles on the forehead, increased vascularity and a loss of structure and volume due to bone reabsorption and fat redistribution.

The skins epidermis and dermis are thicker, sebaceous glands are more active resulting in larger pores, facial muscles are stronger and collagen fibres have a higher density. Achieving an effective skin care regime is built on an understanding of the differences between male and females’ skin, taking into account medical and lifestyle factors providing the best treatment plan based on clinical need. Obagi Men skin care is the perfect introduction to medical skin care.

Obagi Men Steel/Leather Kits

These men medical skincare kits are perfect for those who are new to male grooming or those transitioning from cosmeceutical to pharmaceutical products who understand the importance of great skincare. Obagi Men kits have been specifically tailored to enhance and target the skin, using clinically proven ingredients in the following areas: rejuvenation, hydration and protection. Both simple to use protocols of Steel and Leather kits include an Obagi travel wash bag, additional products from the Obagi product range can be added to this system depending on clinical need.